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Fieldsports Magazine is the latest title from BPG. Drawing on the company's considerable experience and reputation in this area, the new magazine is an entirely different package to anything currently available.

Published quarterly it caters primarily for the game shot who enjoys a spot of fishing in the summer. It runs to 164 pages, with limited advertising content, and is consequently able to go into greater depth than a normal magazine, and make exceptional use of visuals.

It is both hugely attractive, but also entertaining and informative. A new departure in the world of sporting publications, with an unusually high level of reading matter.

Published April 1, July 1, October 1, December 1 it neatly covers the four seasons. The first issue featured articles on the Duke of Buccleuch and Duchess of Devonshire, as well as Wilbur Smith on pheasant shooting. There are wild shoots that have been successfully built from scratch, wide rangeing discussion on the phenomenon of high bird shooting, a grouse season resume, profiles, comment, humour, new guns, old guns and exceptional photography.

Editor Mike Barnes says: “In many ways this is the magazine I have always wanted to publish. Now through the advancements in publishing technology and the development of an outstanding team here at BPG it has become possible, and I am delighted with the outcome. In this instance I am the reader, and I figured that there are lots like me.”

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Fieldsports Magazine

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A few examples of typical articles:

Field Sports Magazine

Return of the grey
Fieldsports is at the forefront of what is happening in the sport and has closely followed the progress and considerable success of the GWCT Grey Partridge Recovery Project at Royston. Exceptional photography adds to the impact. The innvovative work of the trust is regularly profiled, with a wide range of projects featured, all relevent to regular game shoot interests.

Field Sports Magazine

Turbo grouse
Wind turbines continue to be a great source of controversy. But love them or loathe them, they are here to stay and an estate owner in the Scottish Highlands has used turbine installation revenue to resurrect his grouse moor, going on to enjoy his best season for years. Behind the success of any grouse moor lies a fascinating story - Fieldsports gets to places that are unknown to other magazines

Field Sports Magazine

High pheasants
Just how high is high, and how do you shoot them with any sort of consistent success? Simon Ward is an outstanding instructor and one of the country's premier game shots. In each issue of Fieldsports he shares his secrets of turning average shots into extremely good ones. Simon is joined in the magazine by other top names from the shooting field including Phil Burtt nd Lord James Percy.