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The magazine for caring cat owners, covering health and behaviour issues, general care advice, breed information, and other practical issues. Your Cat is also about the emotional pleasures of owning a cat, with plenty of fantastic photographs of cats, readers’ letters and true cat tales.

There are entertaining features, celebrity interviews, buyers guides to everything from brushes to scratch posts, cross stitch designs, and even a practical garden feature. Plus, there are competitions and hundreds of giveaways in every issue.

Practical articles are written by experts, including the country’s top vets and cat behaviourists. Our breed features offer you an insight into what it’s like to share your home with a pedigree cat. Each month we show two different breeds, talk to breeders and show cats in all their glory in superb photographs. So, if you are about to choose a new kitten it makes invaluable reading.

Your Cat magazine is on sale from the 15th of every month and is available from all good newsagents and supermarkets. Alternatively, you can take out a subscription and have it delivered to your home.

Your Cat facts
Just under half of the households in the UK own a pet with cats and dogs being traditionally the most popular British pet. The UK cat population in 2008 stands at 7.2 million. More than 65 percent of cat owners have had a pet for more than ten years and seven out of ten owners lived in a household with a cat during their childhood. There are 52 breeds recognised by the Governing Council of Cat Fanciers. Ninety-two percent of all cats owned are moggies and the major reason why people keep cats is for love and companionship.

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A few examples of typical articles:

Heart Takers
Heart-takers Get ready to fall head over heals for the Burmese, says Angela Lowe

Toys toys toys
Show your cat a good time with our buyers' guide to cat toys.

Early learning
It's official: cats and kids do mix! Angela Lowe finds out just how feline friendship can benefit our children.

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